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When the word beaver is mentioned, visions from the 1800s where mountain men walking in the Rocky Mountains carrying a Beaver over their shoulders, appear in most minds. The thought of Beaver in New Jersey to many is not even a passing thought.

Yet beaver is so plentiful in New Jersey that there are very few places where this water mammal is not living. Beaver to some is a joy to have in the creek or lake behind their house, well that is for the first year, then the beaver becomes trouble.

Trees begin to be dropped; sometimes on fences across sheds and other areas causing problems for the landowner.

The water levels start to rise because of the dams that the beavers build. The rising water has a potentially dangerous effect. Roads can be undermined, yards flooded, and yes even basements. In-ground swimming pools become a part of the beaver flows.

In the past 10 years, the beaver has been a major problem in the state of New Jersey. Their numbers have increased to the point that they have become a nuisance and causing damage and costs to property owners and homeowners reaching thousands of dollars from the flooding that the beavers create.

The mindset is to leave the beavers alone and they will leave us alone is a fairytale. A pair of beavers in three years can be the reason two or three other colonies seem to appear overnight.

The habits of the beaver cause major damage to farm fields and crops, yards, businesses, roads, and structures and damage to bridges and culverts. This may cause dangerous flooding.

ACP Wildlife Control Services can come to inspect the problem and give a real-life solution to the problem, be it removal of the beavers habitat modification, or flow devices.

If you have Beaver problems, give us a call we would love to help you!

ACP Wildlife Control Services specializes in Beaver control, dam removals and flow devices. We have the experience and know-how of many years trapping and dealing with Beavers when they conflict with humans. New Jersey laws are complex when it comes to the controlling of Beaver. Permits are needed to trap and remove Beavers, and not all Beaver problems will be issued a permits to remove.  In reality, many Beaver problems may be able to be solved by installing flow devices, or habitat modifications. It takes experienced individuals to deal with the problems on a real life basis.  

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