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New Jersey and Skunks just seem to go together. NJ home and property owners ask why there are so many skunks. The answer is simple, skunks are edge living creatures. Meaning in the farm and natural areas they gravitate to edges. This is where most food and den sites are.  Therefore, it only makes sense that they are attracted to housing developments, industrial complexes, parks, and playgrounds.

These areas mentioned are made with green belts, waterways, and fence lines that are all edges. The edges have the natural foods that skunks eat all year; insects, worms, and countless other food sources.  The sheds, decks, built-in pools, patios, and steps all create a safe and cozy place to have a den.  Old groundhog dens are also used to live in.  Add humans supplying food, dog and cat food in bowls on the deck, birdseed is a major source, and then there are the worms and insects in the green grass that the skunk craves. 

NJ's large housing areas are the greatest habitat that can be found!  The old saying they have no place to live is just a false statement. There are more Skunks per mile in developed areas than in a natural setting.

January and February are the breeding periods for the skunk by the book but breeding can go well into the spring.  When the skunk breeds they spray (when the den is next to the foundation, under the front porch, or back deck) the home will be overwhelmed with the eyes burning smell that wakes everyone up in the middle of the night.  The whole house takes on a smell that can last from weeks to months.

By June, the young will start to come out of the dens; they can come out any time of day to play. Two to seven young is an average but can be up to eight or nine.  

Skunks will have many den sites over their home range, and except for the female that has young in the den they will be nomads spending 2 or 3 days here and then moving to another den for a few days.  Skunks seem to have a 5 to 7-day circuit here in NJ.  Unless there is a good easy food source then they will have a small home range.  If the area has, large populations of skunks say, like, the Delaware River region from Trenton to Cape May, many skunks can use a den site at different times.

Skunks are great diggers. Many homeowners think that if they fill the hole up that the skunk will go away.  The skunk dug the hole the first time why would not they dig it again, plus most of the time the skunk is in the den when filled in, they simply dig back out.

ACP Wildlife Control Service is a professional control company that performs Skunks control at both homes and large-scale property management properties.  We do it based on years of control work experience using only proven methods to solve the problem not just trap them. 

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